We would like to invite you all to MOMlivehouse's first show for a night of music, friends and new beginnings. We have a fantastic line up of Hong Kong's finest indie bands which we can't wait to reveal to you. Other than an exciting show, there will be band merch for sale and some free goodies to give away, just so you can know more about MOM; the newest kid on the Hong Kong independant music scene. 

So please check back as we release more details about the upcoming gig and we can't wait to see all you music people there.

with love


$100 Students ($130 on the door)
$130 Advanced
$160 On the Door

(Complimentary drink with ticket)

Physical tickets available 

at MOM Livehouse venue

B 39, Sevenseas Shopping Centre,

113-117 King's Road



Formed in 2009, Blaster is a five-piece band hailing from grassroots Hong Kong. They are the unremarkable youths passing us by in this fleeting life, quietly observing the society around us, discovering big stories from little things. When they come together to play music, they bring along all the little intimacies of daily life into their songs to share with us.

Blaster’s music draws influence from Rock, Funk and Jazz. In 2009 they won first place in the Yamaha Asian Beat band competition (Hong Kong). They are Hong Kong boys. They talk about Hong Kong things. They are Blaster.

​喺2009年組成的Blaster有五位成員,佢哋來自草根,喺香港土生土長。佢哋就係地鐵裡面喺你身邊嗰個唔起眼嘅後生仔,默默咁觀察社會,發掘身邊大小事。佢哋閒時聚埋一齊玩音樂,將日常微小而有趣嘅事情寫成歌曲同大家分享。 Blaster嘅音樂風格遊走於Rock、Funk、Jazz之間,曾獲得2009年Yamaha Asian Beat樂團比賽香港區冠軍。 佢哋係香港仔,佢哋講香港事,佢哋係Blaster。


Mr. Rocket Head goes through the trials of this extravagant society everyday, but behind the extravagance hides the reluctance to be another gear in the system. To pursue their dream, they continue to fight for their music, using their lyrics to express inner emotions in order to touch others on their path and reigniting their forgotten dreams. In the course of three years, Mr Rocket have played over a hundred shows since 2015, touring across Tai Pei, Tai Chung and Chiayi, and other places outside Hong Kong to share the Rocket Head story. In 2016 Mr. Rocket Head became signed under the independent label HITA M, releasing their second album ‘不存在記憶’ in the following June.

Mr Rocket Head’s songs are primarily written in Cantonese, utilizing smooth melodies paired with different musical influences to generate the band’s sound. The concept of their songs reflect the individual experience of each of the band’s members, and through their music they hope to share them with everyone, to tell all the hidden stories within this concrete jungle.

Mr. Rocket Head (火箭頭先生樂團),每天經歷着繁華社會的洗禮,但在繁華背 後的一面,卻不願淪為一顆齒輪。為了實踐夢想一直堅毅地以音樂、文字去表 達內心的感覺,去觸動每一位同路人,往燃點每一個被遺忘了的夢。
Mr. Rocket Head於三年間,已擁有過百場的演出經驗,更於2015年起,走到台 北、台中、嘉義等地作出公演旅程,到香港以外的地方分享屬於火箭頭先生的 故事。樂隊2016年初正式加盟獨立廠牌HITA M,並在2016年6月推出第2張專輯 《不存在記憶》。

歌曲語言以粵語為主,並以流暢的旋律揉合不同的音樂元素,製作出樂隊的作 品。而歌曲創作概念,則主要來自成員的經歷和感受,希望透過樂隊的一曲一 詞,與大家分享,生活在這個繁華社會裡面,一個又一個落在繁華背後的故 事。


'Seasons for Change' is an alternative rock band from Hong Kong. Its current lineup officially came together in 2015, with members from various local bands active in the scene. 'Seasons for Change' since it's inception in April 2014 has been developing and polishing their unique sound. With growing support since their debut into the local indie scene, they have already performed at a variety of shows and most notably at Clockenflap 2014.

They released their first single "Rain" in February 2015 and their second single "Anima" in September the same year. They are currently in the process of releasing their first EP titled 'Timeless Collective' through Famined Records (US). 'Seasons for Change' is part of a new wave of fresh local music in the scene, promising to consistently deliver an emotional and energetic live performance, with their melodic and anthemic songs expressing themes of love, identity and freedom inspired by life in Hong Kong. 

Seasons for Change為香港一隊另類搖滾樂隊,於2015年正式組成。成員同時活躍於 本地不同樂隊。自2014年4月開始,樂隊不斷努力創作屬於自己獨特的聲音。2015年2月,樂隊正式發佈他們的第一首單曲:Rain。新曲自推出以來己大受好評,所以樂隊決定灌碌屬於他們的第一張EP。Seasons for Change期望為本地獨立音樂帶來新的熱潮,更加答應 每一場表演也用自己獨特的音樂和旋律來感動聽眾,並用最有感情和活力的一面去演繹真正生於香港、關於香港的音樂。


In the summer of 2013, four musicians gathered to converse with music; stereo is the answer. Stereo is the answer (SITA) is a modern rock band consisting of musicians from per se, 11:PM and Empty Tomb. They are the winner of YAMAHA Asian Beat 2015 (HK) -CHAMPION- & -The Best Vocalist - awards. 

They have played at various music festivals such as YAMAHA Asian Beat - Asian Grand Final (Tokyo, Japan), Silvermine Festival, and SpringScream (Taiwan). They also won Best Vocalist & Best Bassist at The Underground X Parsons Music - the Battle of the Bands 2015.

Stereo is the answer (SITA) 成立於2013年,是一支modern rock樂隊。成員包括來自二人音樂組合 per se 的 Stephen和 Sandy、11:PM 的 Jimmy和 Empty Tomb的 小強。SITA融入每位成員的作曲風格,探索搖滾樂隊所能塑造的新音樂。

他們曾獲邀到 -日本YAMAHA ASIAN BEAT 亞洲區總決賽,台灣<春天吶喊音樂節>演出,同時亦活躍於本地的樂隊表演。SITA贏得了YAMAHA Asian Beat 樂隊比賽 (香港區) 2015 的冠軍和最佳歌手獎。同年,亦於The Underground X Parsons Music: Battle of the Bands贏得最佳主唱和最佳貝斯手。