Tacit Closet (ft. Eric Chu, Ky Chan, Mercy Hung), The Time Traveller, Stephen Mok, Flashback

Let's not be forgotten - In Memory of Jacky Yip

The Benefit Concert tickets are now available!


Date: 18 Mar 2017 (Sat)

Venue: Mom Livehouse

Time: Doors at 7pm, Concert at 7:30pm

Line up: Tacit Closet (ft. Eric Chu, Ky Chan, Mercy Hung), The Time Traveller, Stephen Mok, Flashback


For tickets & details, please email or contact us via Facebook at our page “Remember Jacky Yip”.


A big thank you to you ALL!

Come together! See you there!



Besides holding the Benefit Concert as a memorial show for Jacky, we would like to raise awareness to the public as well as medical professionals about malignant thymoma by sharing the story of a young adult who had lived with this rare disease for almost six years. 100% of proceeds from ticket sales would be supporting the registered not-for profit organization “International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group”.


“Let’s not be forgotten, the future’s unwritten” comes from the lyrics of “Future’s In Our Head” written by Jacky. Over the years, Jacky displayed a remarkably strong will in overcoming one obstacle after another while trying to live as normal a life as possible, he ceaselessly worked and made music. His passion in music and resilience will truly be remembered.


Let us not forget why we are here,

what we want to be,

grasp our belief tightly,

keep going bravely,

to write our own future!



ALL proceeds from ticket sales will go toward the “International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group”. Thymoma is a very rare disease, medical professionals often faced with challenges to get funding for their projects. The primary goals of ITMIG are to provide infrastructure for international collaboration, promote a scientifically-based approach, and facilitate dissemination of knowledge about thymic malignancies and other mediastinal diseases. ITMIG is a registered not-for profit organization in the United States. (For more info, please visit



Jacky Yip (30 Mar 1985 - 1 Dec 2016) was born in Hong Kong. He was the lead vocalist and guitarist of the independent band Tacit Closet. His enduring passion for music took root from a young age. As a secondary school student, he already began listening to an extensive range of Western music, and developed an enthusiasm for Suede, Blur, Placebo, Muse, The Smiths, Nirvana, Pulp etc. During the time he studied secondary school and university, he often played on stage with his fellow schoolmates. After obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering, he joined a global safety consulting and certification company. Thereafter he continued to work on product safety certification within the company, garnering much affection and respect from his bosses and colleagues over time. He later came to hold the post of Chief Engineer in Asia. In 2008 he formed the rock trio Tacit Closet with two other friends, citing British Rock, Punk and Alternatives as their musical influences. As the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Jacky remained active in the independent music scene in Hong Kong from then on, performing at different shows and creating over 10 original songs. The band gradually became known for its distinct style, with “Story Ends Abruptly”, “You Know”, “Future’s in Our Head”, “Stella” being cited as fans’ favourites. In early 2011 he was diagnosed with the rare disease thymoma, which had already spread to the lungs. In the past five years he had actively sought treatments. Although he was admitted into the hospital for his condition many times, he had displayed a remarkably strong will in overcoming one obstacle after another, while trying to live as normal a life as possible. During the time that he was ill, he ceaselessly worked and made music, and even performed publicly both as a member of Tacit Closet and as an individual musician. “Tomorrow Won’t Blow Us Apart” is one of his works during this time. On 30 November 2016, he was again hospitalised due to lung infections. His condition quickly deteriorated, and on the night of 1 December he passed away with his loved ones on his side. He was 31 at the time.


葉俊傑 (1985 年 3 月 30 日 - 2016 年 12 月 1 日) 生於香港,生前為 Tacit Closet 主音及結他手。他對音樂的熱情早在中學時代已見端倪,當時他接觸大量外國音樂,特別鍾情於 Suede、Blur、Placebo、Muse、The Smiths、Nirvana、Pulp 等,就讀中學和大學期間已經常與同學組隊演出。俊傑大學畢業取得電機工程學位後,即加入國際產品安全認證公司,生前任職亞洲區總工程師,深受上司及同事歡迎。2008 年與友人組成三人搖滾樂隊 Tacit Closet,影響包括英倫搖滾、另類搖滾及龐克,俊傑作為樂隊主音及結他手,自此活躍於香港獨立音樂界,多年來表演無數,創作十多首作品,其曲風及唱腔均別樹一格。作品當中,尤以 “Story Ends Abruptly”、 “You Know”、 “Future's in Our Head”、 “Stella” 最受樂迷歡迎,堪稱樂隊代表作。 2011 年年初確診患上罕見病胸腺瘤,並發現已擴散至肺部。五年多來一直積極接受治療,雖然屢次進出醫院,但憑意志克服不少難關,努力過着一般人的生活。患病期間仍不懈地工作及創作,更曾以 Tacit Closet 主音暨結他手身份及個人名義公開演出,“Tomorrow Won't Blow Us Apart” 為這段時期的作品之一。 2016 年11 月 30日因肺部感染入院,情況突然轉壞,在 12 月 1 日晚上在至親陪伴下離世,終年31 歲。




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